EBCDIC-to-ASCII/ISO-8859-1 Conversion Table

Part I

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x'00 - x'1F x'20 - x'3F x'40 - x'5F x'60 - x'7F
x'00 NUL x'00 NUL x'20 DS     x'40   x'20   x'60 - x'2D -
x'01 SOH x'01 SOH x'21 SOS     x'41       x'61 / x'2F /
x'02 STX x'02 STX x'22 FS x'1C FS x'42 x'E2 x'62 x'C2
x'03 ETX x'03 ETX x'23 WUS     x'43 x'E4 x'63 x'C4
x'04 PF     x'24 BYP     x'44 x'E0 x'64 x'C0
x'05 HT x'09 HT x'25 LF x'0A LF x'45 x'E1 x'65 x'C1
x'06 LC     x'26 ETB x'17 ETB x'46 x'E3 x'66 x'C3
x'07 DEL x'7F DEL x'27 ESC x'1B ESC x'47 x'E5 x'67 x'C5
x'08 GE     x'28       x'48 x'E7 x'68 x'C7
x'09 RPT     x'29       x'49 x'F0 x'69 x'D1
x'0A SMM     x'2A SM     x'4A x'A2 x'6A x'A6
x'0B VT x'0B VT x'2B CU2     x'4B . x'2E . x'6B , x'2C ,
x'0C FF x'0C FF x'2C       x'4C < x'3C < x'6C % x'25 %
x'0D CR x'0D CR x'2D ENQ x'05 ENQ x'4D ( x'28 ( x'6D _ x'5F _
x'0E SO x'0E SO x'2E ACK x'06 ACK x'4E + x'2B + x'6E > x'3E >
x'0F SI x'0F OF x'2F BEL x'07 BEL x'4F | x'7C | x'6F ? x'3F ?
x'10 DLE x'10 DLE x'30       x'50 & x'26 & x'70 x'F8
x'11 DC1 x'11 DC1 x'31       x'51 x'E9 x'71 x'C9
x'12 DC2 x'12 DC2 x'32 SYN x'16 SYN x'52 x'EA x'72 x'CA
x'13 DCE x'13 DC3 x'33       x'53 x'EB x'73 x'CB
x'14 RES     x'34 PP     x'54 x'E8 x'74 x'C8
x'15 NL x'0A LF x'35 RS     x'55 x'ED x'75 x'CD
x'16 BS x'0B BS x'36 UC     x'56 x'EE x'76 x'CE
x'17 IL     x'37 EOT x'04 EOT x'57 x'EF x'77 x'CF
x'18 CAN x'18 CAN x'38 SBS     x'58 x'EC x'78 x'CC
x'19 EM x'19 EM x'39 IT     x'59 x'DF x'79 ` x'5F `
x'1A UBS     x'3A RFF     x'5A ! x'21 ! x'7A : x'3A :
x'1B CU1     x'3B CU3     x'5B $ x'24 $ x'7B # x'23 #
x'1C FS x'1C FS x'3C DC4 x'14 DC4 x'5C * x'2A * x'7C @ x'40 @
x'1D GS x'1D GS x'3D NAK x'15 NAK x'5D ) x'29 ) x'7D ' x'27 '
x'1E RS x'1E RS x'3E       x'5E ; x'3B ; x'7E = x'3D =
x'1F US x'1F US x'3F SUB x'1A SUB x'5F ^ x'5E ^ x'7F " x'22 "


  No EBCDIC character defined
  EBCDIC standard character
  EBCDIC or ASCII control character
  No equivalent ASCII character
  EBCDIC extensions supporting Latin-1 glyph
  ASCII-7 character
  ASCII/Latin1 character code
  Latin-1 extension character