Get me to the test on time!


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To the tune of "Get me to the Church on time" from My Fair Lady

Iím getting tested in the morning
I think I'm really gonna shine.
Itís just a prelim
but I wonít be dim;
just get me to the test on time!

Iím getting tested on the morrow
I have to do this one more time!
Itís comprehensive
Iím apprehensive!
So get me to the test on time!

If tea Iím brewing,
pour me a cup!
But if Iím mewing,
better shut me up!

I am defending in the morning
I plan to simply mew and whine!
It is all flaky,
my brain is achy,
just get me to de-fense
get me to de-fense,
come on, get me to de-fense on time!

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