So Please You Sir, We Much Regret


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To the tune of "So Please You Sir, We Much Regret" from The Mikado by Gilbert & Sullivan

(Jeanette, Jane and the Gray Cat)
So please you, sir, we much regret
that we appear so much beset;
but of such knowledge high
we shall know better by and by.
To study all these complex things
is hard on us,
is hard on us;
and as we strive for glimmerings
please pardon us,
please pardon us,
if we proceed to whine and moan

I think you ought to recollect
you must not archives work neglect!
I had to do this too,
so I think “why shouldn’t you?”
To teach you all these complex things
is hard on me,
is hard on me;
I hope that as you’re studying
you’ll pardon me,
you’ll pardon me,
if I ignore your whines and moans! 

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