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It's hard to refer to this as a "gallery" since it only has one image (at the moment) but I do occasional interesting pieces. I decided that some of them are sufficiently interesting that others may want a copy also. 

Bear in mind that this work is copyrighted Joseph M. Newcomer, and although you can save a copy for your personal use, you may not engage in any other action that violates the copyright. All images here are deliberately detuned to 8-bit paletted, 72 dpi images, reduced in size from the original. 

This was too good to pass up. Years ago, I saw a Hires root beer can and misread it as "Hi-Res", and it only took a decade to acquire the scanner and color laser printer that made this artwork doable. I consider this a true piece of "computer art" in that (a) it is done on a computer (b) it is a pun on computer technology (c) only a computer representation of the highly-aliased right-hand image would allow it to make sense. That is, the computer is not just the medium for creation and printing, but is an intrinsic part of the art. Most computer art only meets criterion (a).

I thought it was fun.

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