Little Gray Cat takes Benadryl

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Because of Gray Cat's allergic reaction to the antibiotic, her doctor suggested she take a Benadryl to deal with the redness that resulted.  After taking one, Gray Cat decided she would never take another; it left her fuzzed out for an entire day.

(Benadryl is not exactly a Drug of Choice around our house.  Gray Cat thought she had seen some in the medicine cabinet, so I looked, and there was a box, from which one tablet had been used.  But I checked the expiration date: 2002.  Nine-year-expired drugs didn't seem like a Good Idea.  So I went out and bought a new box, which expires in 2013, meaning the box we had was probably purchased in 2000.  I vaguely remember having taken one and being so fuzzed out that I never took another; I suspect that eleven years from now, the box I just bought will still be here with one tablet used).

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