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Downloads are available for the following programs and examples. Most files are in pkzip format.

For Win32 Programming

For Developing Windows NT Device Drivers

Other downloads:

The undercon.gif (293 bytes) icon indicates the version is a beta-level version. It may be incomplete, or its help file may be under construction, or for some other reason it is not yet a finished version.

Some others are marked as "not available". Check back. They weren't quite ready to put up. Or send email to requesting notification of when they become available and I'll send you a message when they go up.

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There are even more downloads and essays available on my MVP Tips page.
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(note large size!)

Complete Win32 CD Contents. This is the complete set of examples found on the CD that accompanies Win32 Programming.
download.gif (1234 bytes) 27K Event Explorer. This extends the Explorer set for Win32 Programming. It allows you to see how Auto-Reset and Manual-Reset events work, and the basic Event operations, SetEvent, ResetEvent and PulseEvent. Includes complete source code.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 20K extensions.h. Includes some bug fixes for this file that came with Win32 Programming. These fix a couple missing-parentheses errors and include conditional compilation that now supports Visual C++ 5.0.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 37K GetDriveType Explorer. The GetDriveType API call is poorly-documented, behaves differently on Windows 95 and Windows NT, and doesn't quite return what you expect. This Explorer shows the raw results and provides a function that normalizes the behavior between operating systems as well as providing "expected" behavior. Includes complete source.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 83K

CTLColorExplorer: This allows you to determine what happens when you respond to a WM_CTLCOLOR message.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 799K I/O Explorer. This new Explorer is part of the software for Developing Windows NT 4.0 Device Drivers (see below). This allows you to try the various I/O operations (CreateFile, ReadFile, WriteFile, CloseHandle, etc.) with all sorts of combinations of parameters and see the effect. Includes complete source.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 174K I/O Explorer. The binary-only version of the above, plus help. A much faster download.

download.gif (1234 bytes) 168K PCI Explorer. This new Explorer, for Windows NT only, is part of the software for Developing Windows NT Device Drivers (see below). This enumerates the PCI Bus and shows all the devices it found and their configuration memory contents. Includes complete source. undercon.gif (293 bytes)

download.gif (1234 bytes) 72K NTSTATUS Explorer. This new Explorer, for Windows NT only, is part of the software for Developing Windows NT Device Drivers (see below). This sequences through each NTSTATUS code defined in the NT header file and determines which GetLastError code each NTSTATUS code evokes. Includes complete source. It consists of an application program, NTSTATUSExplorer, and a driver, StatusReturn, and will unzip to two different directories.See readme.txt for operating instructions. undercon.gif (293 bytes)

download.gif (1234 bytes) 961K Hardware Simulator: The hardware simulator described in the book. (Note: The automatic mode is currently disabled). Complete source and binary for both the simulator and its associated driver, and complete online help. undercon.gif (293 bytes)

Developing Windows NT Device Drivers. Download the individual files above: I/O Explorer, PCI Explorer, NTSTATUS Explorer, DBLQ, DBLQ2, and Hardware Simulator (I'm limited in file space by my ISP, so can't do a massive single file and also the individual downloads). undercon.gif (293 bytes)

download.gif (1234 bytes) link PKZIP. All of the above files are in .zip compressed format. To decompress them, you must have a version of PKZIP from PKWARE. You can download a shareware version of this program from their Web site, which is where the link to the left takes you.
pkware.gif (12081 bytes) PKZIP Registered Version. The folks at PKWARE have made a significant contribution to the state-of-the-art for all of us by their shareware distribution of PKZIP. Show them that you appreciate them: order the registered version. Besides a lot of neat features you don't get with the shareware version, it shows that you support their efforts to make life easier for all of us by making PKZIP widely available. If you can afford a registered version, buy one.
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