The dyslexic Flounder was supposed to take melatonin tablets, but took melanin tablets instead

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I have several forms of dyslexia, such as dysnumeria (a tendency to transpose digits, even when I'm writing them down as someone speaks them to me) and constantly falling victim to the Nouth/Sorth error, as happened here.

I did a google search for Nouth/Sorth so you could read about it, and failed to find it.  I guess I'm going to have to create an entry for it.  This is a famous experiment in Cognitive Psychology.  The subject views words through a tachistoscope, which is a device which allows you a "snapshot" of something and can be calibrated to milliseconds (modern tachistoscopes often work by flashing information up on the screen, but this technique has limitations based on things like the refresh rate of the screen and the "phosphor lifetime" [an analogous image latency exists on non-CRT devices]).  So you can tell how long it takes to recognize color, shape, direction of asymmetric shapes, and many other experiments in human perception.  If you flash the words "Nouth" or "Sorth", the subject will think they said "North" and "South", which demonstrates that if we read words quickly we remember only the beginning and ending, not the middle. By this reasoning, "mela...nin" are the operative components of the recognition.

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