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This is a variation on my original song, with the second line suggested by Kate Young (who was one of the actresses in the Synge Cycle) as well as the general idea of promoting season subscriptions.  She had suggested that this be sung before the plays instead of the spoken advice about cell phones and candy wrappers and the set piece about subscribing for the season.

For background, the Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre (PICT) presented a season of plays by William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and John Millington Synge.  Included in these were King Lear (W.S.); The Selfish Giant, The Happy Prince, The Ideal Husband,  and Salome (O.W.); and Riders to the Sea, Playboy of the Western World, The Well of Saints, Deidre of the Sorrows, When the Moon has Set, Shadow of the Glen, and Tinker's Wedding (J.M.S.).

To the tune of "My name is John Wellington Wells" from The Sorcerer by Gilbert & Sullivan

My name is John Millington Synge
and I don't want to hear your phones ring!
Unwrap any candy
and keep cough drops handy
And of talk, there is no con-don-ing

We welcome you all here to PICT
Where we hope all the plays we have picked
Will give you a reason
to buy a whole season
of the best of I-rish rhetoric

Tragedies of Shakespeare
Such as that of King Lear
Stories of Oscar Wilde
Showing a giant, mild
Husbands who are ideal
Wives who are quite genteel
Princes who lose their eyes
For those they sympathize
Legend of Salome
Lascivious courtier
Cycle of plays by me
With Riders to the Sea
Playboys from the far West
Among my very best
Sorrows of young Deirdre
Tinkers who will marry....
And the next season will even be better than this!


I'll show a priest issuing banns
When bribed by some empty tin cans
And if there’s reverses               
He’s sure to throw curses
at all of the young miscreants

My name is John Millington Synge
For dramatics I've got quite a thing
Of spiritual torment
and odd metaphor, meant
to show everyone sorrowing

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