Bavarian vampire collywobbles discover that Gray Cat has been tapped just in time for Oktoberfest

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This one's for you, Kevin!

Our friend Kevin called me up last night, and said "I had this really twisted idea" and after leading me down several questions, pointed out that Gray Cat was tapped just in time for Oktoberfest.  I pointed out that it would probably be vampire collywobbles chasing her, and he said he wanted to see collywobbles wearing lederhosen.  So here it is.   Don't blame me for this one...

Actually, it does work that way; before each chemo session, they need to take blood tests, but rather than puncture her again, they just flush the port with saline, then extract the blood for the tests from it.  We have not inquired as to either the ethnicity or the liveness of the people doing this.

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