Steroid-wired Gray Cat grades student papers

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Because Little Gray Cat had a severe allergic reaction to Cremophor, the stabilizing agent in Taxol, the hospital loaded her up on massive doses of corticosteroids to try to suppress the immune reaction.  Unfortunately, this didn't work, and on the second try at chemotherapy she started going into anaphilatelic shock (no, analpylactic; anaphilatelic shock is the horror of discovering you are out of postage stamps).

Anyway, the next day they tried a new chemotherapy chemical, Taxotere, and she did not have an allergic reaction (Taxotere has no Cremophor in it).  But they preloaded her with another massive dosage of corticosteroids.  She was completely wired, and that is a pretty scary sight for those of you who know Gray Cat.  So her students may be the victim of 'roid rage.  (Actually, I asked; the steroids that athletes take are anabolic steroids, and what Gray Cat took was corticosteroids.  However, some of the side effects, such as being wired, are similar).

However, this is nothing new; the Saber-toothed Gray Cat of a million years ago would also get high on steroids and try to correct student papers.  It just took more effort.

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