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The History of Nuclear Energy

For some reason I find massive forces-- for example, volcanoes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and nuclear weapons--fascinating topics. I have been collecting for years in the history of nuclear technology, and here are some of my favorite picks.
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History of Nuclear Technology

Amzn-buy.gif (3051 bytes) Richard Rhodes, The Making of the Atomic Bomb. The most serious technological accomplishment of the century is carefully documented in this fascinating book. No matter what your feeling about atomic energy and nuclear weapons, you should know the history.
Amzn-buy.gif (3051 bytes) Richard Rhodes, Dark Sun: The Making of the Hydrogen Bomb. The natural sequel to The Making of the Atomic Bomb, this book covers not only the technical history (or as much as has been declassified) but the political (domestic and cold war) history as well.
Amzn-buy.gif (3051 bytes) Robert del Tredici, At Work in the Fields of the Bomb. Alas, this book is out-of-print, but if you are a fan of atomic power you ought to read this sobering view of where nuclear weapons come from. Never assume a technology is perfect, and this one is far from perfect. Any serious lover or hater of nuclear technology, and any serious history-of-technology person, should read this book.
Amzn-buy.gif (3051 bytes) John McPhee, The Curve of Binding Energy. John McPhee is, even at his worst, a thoroughly engaging writer, and in this book he is at one of his high points. This book shows another Dark Side of nuclear power, as well as being a fascinating history of the technology of modern nuclear weapons.
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