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jmn.gif (8769 bytes) Sometimes there are things which simply cannot be left alone. I feel that as a professional I have to take a position. 

One of the most recent issues I have taken exception with is the report

Internet Paradox
A Social Technology That Reduces Social Involvement and Psychological Well-Being?

This report claims to demonstrate conclusively that the Internet, in opposition to the claims made for it, actually increases depression and loneliness.


I have also taken exception with a recent interview with Bill Joy, published in the ACM online magazine Ubiquity. My response to his comments appears here. He makes nasty comments about Microsoft acting irresponsibly. He, or at least Sun, is certainly is not representative of a sterling example of corporate responsibility!

  11-Sep-04: The "Bush Guard Memos" are modern forgeries. Anyone with more that two functioning neurons could tell this, yet as of this date, CBS claims these obvious fakes are authentic!

Note that years afterwards, there are still fools (apparently including Dan Rather and Mary Mapes) who not only believe this, but a person with pretensions of being a scientist has extensively documented, using exceedingly poor methodology, a "proof" that they could not have been printed using Word.  To achieve this, he only has to ignore all known basic science and fundamental scientific methodology.