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Over the years I have written massive amounts of code. The projects have covered everthing from commercial applications (payroll, inventory) [1964-1967], interactive languages [1967-1969], document production [1969-1974], performance measurement [1969-1972, 1981-1983], databases [1972-1981], compilers [1967-1983], device drivers [1966, 1975-1977, 1987-1989, 1998], graphics [1969-1971, 1973, 1976-1977], Artifical Intelligence [1974-1975], operating systems [1975-1978], CASE tooling [1978-1983], multimedia [1987-1989, 1991], distributed information systems [1991-1992, 1994], distributed system management [1995-1998], debuggers [1978-1980, 1981-1983, 1989], and embedded system control [1997-1998].

Details of some of the more recent projects are given below.


The development of all of the "explorer" applications that accompany the book Win32 Programming, as well as several example programs that accompany the book (the balance of the code was written by my co-author, Brent Rector). The entire suite of code is over 150,000 lines of source, distributed on the CD-ROM which accompanies the book.

The development of a distributed site management system that allows a single Windows-based computer to control a large number of HP servers. This system includes such capabilities as attaching regular expression recognizers to the input to generate specific alerts (e.g., for tape mounts, security penetration attempts, etc.).

The development of a user interface for a scientific instrument; the interface allows all of the analysis sequence parameters to be set by the computer, and the results are stored on disk. Pending: using dynamic compression to reduce the amount of disk space used to hold the results (one block of results every 0.6 seconds).

The development of a graphical query language which uses an attribute-grammar mechanism to limit the valid choices at any point, making it impossible to construct a query that is not type-safe.

A Windows-based application that reads and analyzes the output from hand-held IR remotes, including graphical display of the signals from the remote.

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